Industrial Series

Embedded Computer with Color Display

Embedded computer option eliminates the need for an external computer, allowing for true stand-alone operation in production environments. Allows ethernet connectivity. The embedded computer option includes a 7” color LCD display which allows the operator to preview and select stored jobs and change job settings while a job is running. This option is ideal for high volume production environments where the task of creating artwork is separate from operating the machine. (Available 2008.)

Pass-Through Class 4 Module

Optional Class 4 Module allows for CDRH compliant conversion between Class 1 to Class 4 mode (patent pending) to accommodate oversize work pieces. Quick attach/disconnect design includes key switch, emissions indicator and safety time delay. This option converts an ILS into a properly configured Class 4 laser system. Class 4 operation has the potential to expose the user to invisible high power laser radiation. Special precautions must be taken when operating a Class 4 laser system. (Additional information available upon request.)

Downdraft Honeycomb Cutting Table

Downdraft Honeycomb Cutting Table provides a cutting surface with minimal back reflection and light vacuum hold-down; removes smoke from below cut, reducing potential of damage to bottom surface of material and improves cutting quality. A sensor detects the presence of a cutting table when it is installed and automatically adjusts the Z-axis to place materials at the proper focus. Attached rulers assist in accurate part positioning. The cutting table greatly reduces need to clean the work surface and convenient drawers make clean-up easy.

High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO)™

Exclusive, patented ULS optics increases the power density of the laser to achieve dramatically improved resolution for applications requiring extremely fine detail. HPDFO makes it possible to engrave smaller text, produce higher resolution graphics and allows direct marking on some bare metals, including iron, stainless steel, chrome steel and titanium, without the need for metal marking compounds.

Back Sweep for Air Assist

The Back Sweep attachment directs high pressure air toward the exhaust duct to suppress flaming and direct smoke, fumes and debris away from the material being processed. This is particularly useful for rubber or other materials that produce a lot of dust and debris during the engraving process. Recommended for use with the Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit.

Cone for Air Assist

The Air Assist Cone directs high pressure air onto the material being processed to suppress flaming, thus improving cutting or engraving quality. This is particularly useful for cutting wood or other materials. Recommended for use with the Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit.

Automation Intertace Option*

Automation interface option integrates a module with inputs and outputs that can trigger events on ILS systems from external devices. Typical automation command events include job start/stop/pause, go to next/previous job and auto-focus. The inputs and outputs accept signals from 3.5 to 24 volts and are PNP or NPN selectable.


Patented SuperSpeed technology redefines productivity by permitting simultaneous dual line engraving. Jobs can be run many times faster than a single beam laser system. The profit potential for high volume SuperSpeed jobs is outstanding. (Available 2008.)

Traveling Exhaust

All-new Traveling Exhaust design is attached to the motion arm and captures dust, fumes and debris before they can contaminate the work area. Highly efficient design lowers noise levels and energy costs.

Computer-Controlled Air Assist with Optics Protection

Computer-controlled design allows for 25-, 50-, 75- or 100 percent adjustable airflow plus the addition of another gas. Provides the ultimate protection of optics and control of air/gas to improve cutting/engraving quality of special materials. Choose between standard cone or optional back sweep for maximum flexibility.

Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit

Supplies clean, dry, oil-free compressed air. Activated only when jobs are in process. Desiccant or refrigerated air dryer kit is required. Recommended for use with Computer-Controlled Air Assist.

Rotary Fixture Attachment

The Rotary Fixture attachment can be installed or removed without the need to restart the system and can accommodate most cylindrical items up to 10 inches in diameter. Holds part on both ends, accommodates taper, can be run in high speed raster mode with lighter objects and also runs in vector mode. Rotates beyond 360 degrees in order to ensure full wrap-around engraving. Wine bottles, coffee mugs and geometrically-shaped items can be rotated. A sensor detects the rotary attachment when installed and automatically makes all of the adjustments necessary for rotary marking and engraving.

Lens Kits

2.0 and 3.0 lens kits are available. The lens can be changed out in less than ten seconds without tools.

  • 2.0 lens provides a 0.005 spot size at a focus distance of 2.0 inches
  • An excellent all-around choice for most common cutting and engraving operations
  • Small beam spot size allows for high resolution engraving and fast cutting of thin substrates
  • 3.0 lens provides a 0.009 spot size at a focus distance of 3.0 inches
  • Provides good cutting and engraving results while allowing you to physically focus further away from the material being processed
  • Increased clearance between the lens and material reduces the possibility of the lens becoming contaminated by debris