Professional Series

Being able to custom configure your laser system is a core philosophy that Universal Laser Systems has adopted to better meet the needs of our customers. We believe you should purchase only those options you actually need, not those that a manufacturer forces on you. It is also important that owners of Universal laser systems have the confidence in knowing that they can easily expand the capabilities of their laser system(s) as their business grows. You can easily add system accessories when you need them in the field (except air assist).

Coaxial Air Assist with Optics Protection (Non-Computer Controlled)

High PSI (pressure) design with user-adjustable pressure regulator keeps optics clean and improves engraving and cutting of some materials. Coaxial design optimizes effectiveness. Choose between standard cone or optional back sweep for maximum flexibility.

Coaxial Air Assist with Optics Protection (Computer-Controlled)

Computer-controlled high pressure air, plus the addition of another gas, provides ultimate protection of optics. Computer control of air/gas and flow rate improves cutting/engraving quality of special materials. Works on single lens or dual head; coaxial design optimizes effectiveness. Choose between standard cone or optional back sweep for maximum flexibility.

Rotary Fixture Attachment*

The rotary attachment can be installed or removed without the need to restart the system and can accommodate most cylindrical items up to 8.5 inches in diameter. Holds part on both ends, accommodates taper, can be run in high speed raster mode with lighter objects and also runs in vector mode. Rotates beyond 360 degrees in order to assure full wrap-around engraving. Wine bottles, coffee mugs and geometrically-shaped items can be rotated. A sensor detects the rotary attachment when installed and automatically makes all of the adjustments necessary for rotary marking and engraving.

Dual Head

Beam splitter allows for simultaneous engraving or cutting of two items (same artwork) at the same time and can increase throughput of engraving or cutting (depending on available laser power and application).

Air Assist Back Sweep

Recommended for use with the Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit, the Back Sweep attachment directs high pressure air toward the exhaust duct to suppress flaming and evacuate smoke, fumes and debris away from the material being processed. This is particularly useful for rubber or other materials that produce a lot of dust and debris during the engraving process

High Power Density Focusing Optics (HPDFO)™

Exclusive, patented optics increases the power density of the laser to achieve dramatically improved resolution for applications requiring extremely fine detail. HPDFO makes it possible to engrave smaller text, produce higher resolution graphics and allows direct marking on some uncoated metals, including iron, stainless steel, chrome steel and titanium, without the need for metal marking compounds.

Downdraft Honeycomb Cutting Table*

Provides a cutting surface with minimal back reflection and light vacuum hold-down. Removes smoke from below cut, reducing potential of damage to bottom surface of material and improves cutting quality. Attached rulers assist in accurate part positioning. Greatly reduces need to clean work table.

Air Assist Cone

Recommended for use with the Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit, the Air Assist Cone directs high pressure air onto the material being processed to suppress flaming, thus improving cutting or engraving quality.

Computer-Controlled Compressed Air Unit*

Supplies dry, oil-free compressed air to enable air assisted cutting and engraving and extend the life of the laser system optics. The compressed air unit is activated only when jobs are in process. The compressor pump is noise-insulated to meet OSHA regulations.

Air Dryer

Removes moisture from air assist which can damage laser optics. Allows air assist to operate even in humid environments. Required with Compressed Air Unit.