SLS 1390DH


SLS 1390DH Technical Specification
Model No JSMH 1390DH
Watts 90 + 90 Watts Maximum
Working Area 23” X 35.5” (Per Head approx)
Laser Type Reci CO2 Sealed glass
Control Card Leetro
X & Y Rail and Block Hiwin
Max Engraving Speed 1200 mm/s
Max Cutting Speed 500 mm/s
Cutting Thickness Upto 30 mm (depending upon laser power)
Orient Precision 0.05 mm
Graphic Format Supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DWG, DST, LAS
Electric Up and Down 400 mm (Except 1318 /1325/1530 )
Auxillary Equipment Exhaust Fan, Air Compressor, Chiller
Cutting Platform Strip Working Table
Min Character English 1x1 mm
Operating System Offline with USB interface, Windows
Resolution 0.05 mm (1000 DPI)
Power AC220v 50 Hz
Total Power 3000W
System Features
  • Lead shine motors & drivers
  • Hiwin rails & guides
  • Up & down movement motorised
  • Dual red pointer
  • Leetro control card
  • Chiller CW 5000
  • Windows Compatible

Laser Features
  • CO2 sealed glass Reci tube
  • Wattages from 90 to 150 watts.
  • Power & speed controllable in % points