XLS 10.150D

The Ultimate Solution for Laser Material

Universal’s XLS product family represents the pinnacle of laser material processing solutions, delivering unparalleled performance and the ultimate in flexibility, accuracy, productivity and safety. With its modular design architecture, your company can create the optimal DLMPTM (Digital Laser Material Processing) system to meet the most demanding application needs for a variety of environments—from research and development to prototyping and manufacturing.

XLS 10.150D

Laser Material Processing Area (W x H)

40 x 24 in (1016 x 610 mm)

Maximum Part Size (W x H x D)

Within laser platform enclosure: 61 x 33 x 12 in (1550 x 838 x 304 mm) Class 4 Pass-Through mode: ∞ x 33 x 12 in (∞ x 838 x 304 mm)

Material Support

Up to 80 lbs (36 Kg) lift capacity

Laser Configurations Supported

Single or dual

Laser Power Range Supported

CO2 (10.6µ) 10 to150 W

Laser Safety

CO2 Laser: Class 1 Diode Pointer: Class 2 Pass-Through mode: Class 4 (optional module required)

Standard Focusing Lenses

2.0 in (51 mm) or 3.0 in (76 mm)

Overall Dimension (W x H x D)

69.2 x 61 x 55.5 in (1758 x 1550 x 1410 mm)


Approximately 850 lbs (386 Kg) excluding lasers

Power Requirements

Dual receptacle 230V AC, 30A, 50/60Hz

Exhaust Requirements

External Exhaust or Air Cleaner Required (consult factory for specifications)

Computer Requirements

Dedicated PC with Windows 7 or higher, available USB 2.0 or 3.0 port

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